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Autism is not a tragedy.
Ignorance is the tragedy.

The first writing on the wall

I've decided to put up this wall to have a place where I can share my thoughts. I have previously had a long article on my life on the website, but after a couple of years I felt the article did not reflect where I am today and my efforts to improve it did not change these feelings; After figuring out I'm an aspie in early 2010 I went through a process in which I would come to an understanding of why I have faced so many challenges in regards to my professional life and my social life as well. This process took four years before I reached a place in which I feel I have a good understanding. This experience plus the assistance I get from the municipality means stress is not a big factor in my life any more. I wrote the article after only two years into the process and that meant I still had some things to figure out. Though I was praised for the article by some, I know others were a bit sceptical, probably because I did not hide my disappointment of some peoples reactions to my inadequacies. People had the same expectations to me as they would to any other neurotypical person, but my autism means I have fallen short on several of those expectations.

I often go to Aarhus and hang out with other autistics. Here, there is the option to sit for myself and write if I like, but since opening hours is only from 16.00 to 20.30, I prefer to hang out with the others; socializing is too me a higher priority than writing for the site. I have just recently found a great alternative. Now I have finally found a place to go and write; I can work there all day if I like and I will be able to work without distractions, so perhaps this means me reaching a new level of productivity.

Right now I plan to write several new posts for the wall. Current ideas for titles for the next posts: Me, my social life and autism, Me, my professional life and autism, Thinking is hard and Toxic. The text titled Thinking is hard is a text I've wanted to write for a long time. Then recently this talk was uploaded to youtube. It does a far better job at discussing us humans and our difficulties in regards to thinking than I could possibly achieve. I will still be writing the text but it will be a bit different; I will be asking people to listen to that talk first and then I will be discussing how the difficulties discussed has affected my life.

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