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Autism is not a tragedy.
Ignorance is the tragedy.

Letters from Africa

Child progress report - april 2007

Dear sponsor,
We are pleased to send you the annual report of your sponsored child. If you have questions, please contact BōRNEfondens office in Copenhagen.

JoŽl feels fine. He sleeps under a conditioned mosquito net. He was injured on his left foot with the hoe while cleaning the school yard. He was treated thanks to you. The centre refunded his medical fees.

JoŽl likes helping his mother and stepfather. Before going to school in the morning, he sweeps and cleans the dishes. He can make bags with palm tree leaves. He plays soccer with this area friends and walks very much. He is a bisterous boy. He is often worried about his parents seperation. He can't help participating in the activities organised by the centre for the blossoming of the sponsored children. JoŽl seizes this opportunity to thank you dear sponsor for the christmas money gift you sent to him in november 2006.

JoŽl is repeating grade 5 of primary school. For the 1st semester, he had an average mark of 89 out of 230 and ranked 20th out of 64 pupils. He is weak in mathematics and good at sports. His favourite subject is French. Gwladys (sister) repeats primary 3; Victor Akouťtť moves up to secondary 1. Your financial assistance allowed the centre to supply the pupils of the family with school materials and to pay for their school fees.

JoŽls family members are fine. His mother gave birth to a baby boy named Hervť on 23/08/06. Vicor Akouťtť has come back in the family to continue his studies whereas the sister Victoire Akouťlť is still with the maternal aunt. JoŽls mother and stepfather continue their same activities.

The best pupils (315) have been prized by the centre. Sewing and embroidery courses have resumed at the centre vocational school. The students of the centre vocational school are being trained in egg incubation, nursery and soap making. The students produced 5000 teak and acacia sapling given to the families for reforestation. New books bought and a new librarian recruited for the library. With a donation, a health centre was built. Regular meetingorganised to help children improve their correspondence. More than 1200 kids took part in the African child day celebration during which 2 national musical stars sang on AIDS, girl schooling and childrens traffic. Students organised a seminar on business and leadership. The preschools organised a party to give presents to their best pupils. The centre supported the association of rabbit and grass-cutter breeder in the search of market to sell their produce. 23 families have been set up in rabbit breeding and 9 in grass-cutter one.

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