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Centre Activity Report 2007

Dear sponsor,
We are pleased to inform you about the activities carried out by centre Houedo throughout 2007. The thirteenth year of BěRNEfonden intervention in the area.
You are among the 555 sponsors who are supporting children and their families in the area. The different activities carried out by the centre thanks to your contributions have had a positive influence on the living condition of the local community, particularly in the areas education, health and wellbeing of the children and families.


The Houedo Centre has been opened in the administrative district of Doutou to help: The children of this area to come out from their hard living conditions. As main challenges the centre should:

  • Guarantee the children an education or professional training.
  • Guarantee the childrens health, uncluding a nutritional follow up on the 0-5 year olds.
  • Help the parents with their income generating activities.

With its activities, the Houedo Centre has contributed to the improvement within the fields of education, health/nutrition, income generating activities and community development.

Areas of intervention

The problems encountered and activities undertaken by the centre during the past years, can be described as follows:


Early in the history of the Houedo centre, the field of education was confronted with several difficulties in the area of Doutou. This was, and still due to a number of reasons including:

  • Lack of adequate educational infrastructures
  • A low rate of school attendance,
  • Poor performances in exams
  • A high rate of dropped out pupils.

These various problems can be explained by the poor financial capacity of the parents and their lack of knowledge of the importance of education for both boys and girls. The thirteen years of the centre activities have considerably improved the situation in the field of education.

During 2007, the contribution to the development in the field of education has consisted in pursuing the undertaken actions, as well as to reinforce the community involvement in the preparation of the handing over the activities to the community.

Some of the actual activities carried out out this year by the centre includes: construction of two classwooms wholly equipped with furniture in the single secondary school of Doutou District; donation of educational stationery to pupils and schools, assistance to uniforms and school fees to the sponsored children and their siblings, construction of a water tank at Gboho and AhouloumŔ preschools; equipment and furniture to AdromŔ preschool with small chairs, tables and a slide; construction of latrines at AdromŔ Gbagbonou and GahouÚ preschools, training of the centre vocational school animators, distribution of prizes to the best pupils. The Houedo centre also organized mathematics and French competition for the sponsored children and gave them support to vacation classes (courses that take place during the school holidays).


As in all of BěRNEfonden intervension areas, health is also a priority in the Houedo Center; the activities carried out in 2007 are as follow:

  • Technical support to the health mutual "Minagan" (meaning we are going to survive).
  • Financial support to the health mutual.
  • Material and ffurniture support to the health mutual.
  • Signature of a partnership agreement between the health mutual and the centre.
  • Construction of a latrine in the health mutual premises.
  • Improvement of children from 0 to 5 years old nutrition, through the nutritional sessions the centre organizes.
  • Building of 9 family latrines for the environment sanitation.
  • Construction of a weighing straw hut at AdromŔ and GahouÚ.
  • Mending of a big well at Gboho.

All these activities carried out have allowed to improve the sanitary and nutritional conditions of the families.


As far as the reinforcement of family capacity-building of the families are concerned, the Houedo Centre has in 2007:

  • Diversified the activities through loan grants to the women, e.g. by helping the families grow "NERICA" (new sort of rice for Africa) lately introduced in Benin.
  • The centre has promoted forest development by donating improved palm tree saplings to the families.
  • The families small animal (grass-cutter and rabbit) breeding activities. Have been surveyed and the local structures (the community and local administration) has been reinforced for the handing over.

Activities with focus on children

To help BěRNEfonden children develop on their own, the Houedo Centre carried out several activities during these last school vacations. Older children for instance have been trained in the centre premises in the making of soap and food crop processing for sale to earn some money. Houedo Centre has also reinforced the capacity of management of the children committee by giving them technical supports.

Better Sponsor Relation/communication

In order to allow almost all the sponsored children to read, understand and answer their letters themselves, the centre has implicated these sponsored children in a system of inter-centre correspondence that is already in its second period. Sponsored children from Houedo Centre exchange letters with those of the Vignisso centre located in the Collines Department in Benin. The results are satisfactory because more and more the children get used to letter writing and improve their handwriting.


The important challenges of Houedo centre at the end of this year 2007 remain:

  • The re-launching of specialized basic French lessons for parents;
  • The continuation of the organization of sensitization sessions on STD (sexually transmitted diseases)/HIV/AIDS, early pregnancies and provoked abortions;
  • The preparation of a quality phasing out in the diverse areas of the centre (library and the centre vocational school).

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